Crest 3D White Glamorous White Whitestrips Dental Teeth Whitening Strips Kit Review

Crest 3D White Glamorous White Whitestrips Dental Teeth Whitening Strips Kit Review

Over the years, your teeth can get stained due to several factors such as your food intake, smoking, medication, trauma, or even aging. No matter how often you brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste, the natural white color of your teeth will not last.

That is why once you have noticed that your teeth have stains and discoloration, you need to start considering teeth whitening to bring back your teeth’s glorious days.

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is the process wherein you use different whitening agents to make your teeth color a few shades lighter. It can be done by a dentist, but it may be a little expensive.

If you are on a budget, you can do it in the comforts of your home using a teeth whitening kit such as the whitening strips from Crest.

This product claims to eliminate stains on your teeth and brings back the whiteness that you lost with years of improper teeth maintenance. It is an easy-to-use and more affordable solution as compared to the visit to a dentist for a teeth whitening session.

If you have been willing to whiten your teeth for a while but are anxious about using gels, mouth trays, and accelerator lights, then you might want to start with this one.

Crest 3D White No Sip Whitestrips have the following features that might help you decide whether you should try this product or not. It is super easy to use and although it may cause a little sensitivity and tingling sensation, it is still worth trying this product.

In fact, it is said to provide instant results as you will notice your teeth whiten in just one or two applications.

Features of Crest 3D White Glamorous White Whitestrips

  • It claims to be 25 times more effective than popular whitening toothpastes as it uses the same formula and whitening ingredients that are used by dentists.
  • It is the first and only whitening strip recognized by the American Dental Association, which is a great assurance that this product is safe to use and is made with superior quality.
  • It contains a fast-acting ingredient that removes tough surface stains on your teeth that have built up over the years, even removing discoloration caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, soda, and wine.
  • It is safe and will not cause damages to the tooth enamel such as chipping, cracking, or thinning.
  • It has a no-slip grip and an advanced seal technology that allows the strip to take the form of your teeth and also allows it to be taken off without leaving any mess.
  • It needs to be used daily and put on for 30 minutes to get the best results that can last up to six months or even more.
  • The kit contains 28 strips that can be used for 14 applications, using one strip each for the upper and lower teeth.
  • It includes peg-8, water, pvp, acrylates copolymer, hydrogen peroxide, sodium saccharin and sodium hydroxide in its ingredients.


  • It is super easy to use as you only need to peel off the strip and put it on your teeth.
  • You can drink or talk easily while wearing the strip as it has the ability to hold up and stay on your teeth even while doing other things.
  • It provides great results and definitely whitens the teeth, especially when used regularly.
  • It does not cause tenderness or sensitivity on the gums and teeth.


  • It can feel a little awkward to wear, especially during the first few tries.
  • It can cause teeth sensitivity even after you take the strips off, but that is quite normal for most users and it will go away after a while.
  • Although it claims to be non-slip, some users complained of the strip being too slippery and not staying on the teeth during the required time.


Crest is a brand name that most people trust when it comes to oral care and dental hygiene and that is why it is also easy to trust this dental whitening kit. It is also different in a good way as it comes in the form of strips so there is no need to use a lot of tools and it does not require a lot of assembly and application time.

It is as simple as it can be. All you have to do is peel off the strip, apply it on your teeth, and wait for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, just take it off and your teeth whitening session is done.

This teeth whitening kit will help you achieve the level of whiteness that you want for your teeth without having to spend a lot of money. One kit contains enough strips that you can use for months.

What’s great about Crest 3D White No Sip Whitestrips is that it has an advanced seal technology feature that ensures that it will not slip while it is on your teeth, allowing the ingredients to penetrate your teeth for superior results.

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