Dental Aid Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Dental Aid Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Is not having white teeth one of your biggest insecurities? Have you endlessly used the toothpaste advertised on the television by your favorite celebrity but still see no results? Well, worry no more! There are other processes you can try to whiten your teeth.

The good thing is that you can very much do it on your own without shelling out too much money! Presenting, the Dental Aid Premium Teeth Whitening Kit!

Features of Dental Aid Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Has instructions that are easy to follow so you can correctly use the teeth whitening gel
  • Has been designed for exerting minimum effort on your part to achieve maximum teeth whitening
  • Comes with a whitening technology activated by blue LED light to conduct the bleaching method and produce results fast in just one treatment
  • Is painless and safe for your enamel as it also deals carefully with extra sensitive teeth
  • Made with the finest quality ingredients, strict quality control and advanced production methods


The Dental Aid Premium Teeth Whitening Kit will give you or bring back your white smile! It’s got a complete set of a blue LED accelerator light, two sets of mouth trays, 2x10ml remineralizers , syringes and some instructions that can be followed easily.

This teeth whitening kit is also ideal for sensitive teeth because of its safe formula. To explain further, its whitening gel is composed of ingredients that are sensitivity-free and enamel-safe.

You won’t have to worry about a painful and dangerous teeth whitening process because this product will make sure that you are as comfortable and safe as you could be.

Since it uses a blue LED light to activate its whitening technology, a photocatalyst inside the whitener is triggered by the light activation so the hydrogen peroxide content gets broken down into free radicals or reactive components.

When this happens, the teeth whitening process speeds up, giving enhanced results in whiter teeth. This product promises just that – a fast teeth whitening process, thanks to its blue LED light activation.

Another advantage you get to have is the 2x10ml remineralizers and syringes that come with it. Having to buy these separately only means additional cost on your part. They may be heavy on your pocket so thankfully, this teeth whitening kit already includes such important add-ons.

To top it all off, it has a set of instructions that are easy to follow. This means that you can do the whole teeth whitening process on your own without any help from a dentist (especially if you do not have immediate access to one).

So, even if you are alone at home, you can very much whiten your teeth by just following the simple instructions.


There are instances when the LED light does not stay on, which entails you to hold it the whole time, making it inconvenient. Packages of this teeth whitening kit sometimes lack the expected items (be it the blue LED light, whitening gel or syringes). The instructions are said to be confusing as well.


The Dental Aid Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is still a recommendable product despite issues of lacking items and confusing instructions. That is because it is known for its efficacy to really whiten the teeth.

It serves well for those with sensitive teeth since its teeth whitening gel has a safe formula. Thus, your enamel is safe and your teeth are free from sensitivity.

You will not feel any pain as you use this kit to whiten your teeth. Furthermore, it has 2x10ml remineralizers and syringes that save you additional cost since you will not have to buy them separately anymore.

Additionally, this kit does have easy-to-follow instructions, letting you whiten your teeth all on your own. No dentists and assistants are needed as you can very much perform the whole process yourself.

This teeth whitening process is fast, thanks to the blue LED light activator that is known for triggering a photocatalyst in the whitener that in turn breaks down hydrogen peroxide content into free radicals or reactive components.

Have a bright smile and be confident about how your teeth shine because of the new-found whiteness!

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